The Shame of Rob Ford….Is He Has No Shame

Stupor Mayor Rob Ford Releases A Little Steam

Stupor Mayor Rob Ford Releases A Little Steam

The shame of Rob Ford sadly the Mayor of Toronto is that he has no shame. There is no lie he cannot tell, there is no truth he cannot mangle.

I’m trying to think of an American comparison to help Americans understand what type of man Rob Ford is. I think of Huey Long…an American despot who served as the governor of Louisiana during the 1930s; who used the Louisiana poor to help bolster him in power and shield his corrupt regime.
How can Rob Ford who is a very, very, very wealthy man, whose Deco Label company which earns $100 million in sales, annually have the gall to tell CNN reporter Bill Weir..” there are more poor people than rich people out there..we will win..those rich people are destroying our city..” or words to that effect. Rob Ford is a rich person!
How does he have the gall to in one breathe say he may have smoked crack in one of his many drunken stupors and then in the next deny he is an addict. How can he not see a pattern of alcohol and possible illegal substance abuse that is strongly etched into his public record over the last 20 years?
The sad history is that Rob Ford has had a history of public drunkenness and drinking under the influence. In 1999 he was convicted in Florida for drinking under the influence; in 2006 when he was a Councillor, Ford was thrown out of Toronto Maple Leaf hockey game for being drunk. That incident served as the template for his current bad behaviour, media bashing and admission and apology. In the 2006 incident Ford showed up drunk witnessed by many. It was followed by media bashing and denial – “I wasn’t even at the game!”; and apology with a commitment never to do it again.

Now fast forward to 2013 and now Mayor Ford has done it again while on official Mayoral business at a military ball in February 2013; In May, 2013 stories appear int he media that he smoked crack and was captured on a video; he denies he smoked crack and denies the video exists;he bashes the media and claims they are persecuting him; the young black man on whose cell phone the video resided and with whom Rob Ford was photographed with earlier, was found murdered in March, 2013; In August, Mayor Ford appears drunk and disorderly at an ethnic celebration in the city’s Greek community; then in October when the video’s existence surfaces and the police acknowledge it exists and acknowledge that Mayor Ford has been under police investigation — Mayor Ford brushes aside all his previous lying and acknowledges he smoked crack in a drunk stupor; court documents based on testimony of close staff members say the Mayor was frequently drunk at work; that he ordered them to purchase him bottles of vodka; that he drank a half a bottle of 26 oz of Vodka while driving. He may have used money from the Mayor’s office to pay for staff to transport his football team before he was fired as coach of a high school team; another video surfaces showing the mayor threatening to murder a person in what appears to be either drug induced rant or simply a psychotic breakdown.

Ford is not a friend of the poor…he is an elitist despot, a bully who uses the poor to bolster his power while fighting to destroy the tax base that provides funding for programs to the poor.

Ford believes he is above the law, above all workplace standards just because he was elected by a minority of Toronto citizens (votes were split three ways by three candidates) doesn’t mean he can do anything he wants whenever he wants. A city employee caught doing only a fraction of the things Ford has been doing would have been fired long ago and Ford would have been the one shouting the loudest for the firing.

Ontario’s municipal laws were written over 140 years ago when there was honour in politics and a honourable man typically resigned when caught in ethically repugnant activities. It’s clear Rob Ford is not an honourable man and the province of Ontario must pass “Rob Ford” Legislation to give the City of Toronto and other City’s like the City of London Ontario whose equally embattled Mayor Joe Fontana remarkably cannot be removed from office because the letter of the law is weak.

Ontario municipalities must have the right of removal…or the right to fire a Mayor who repeatedly appears drunk at official functions and refuses to go to treatment. How long would you or I last if we showed to work drunk and acted disorderly at a function that was part of job description? In the United States the President of the U.S. can be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. States like Californian have recall legislation — the recall of Governor Davis paved the way for Arnold Schwarzenegger to become the new Governor.

The people of Toronto…the 2.1 million who did not vote for Rob Ford deserve to have these similar powers to fire misbehaving Mayors as they can for other misbehaving employees.

Look Up in the Sky! Is it a flying pig? No! It's Stupor Man

Look Up in the Sky!
Is it a flying pig? No!
It’s Stupor Man

Consider this, how many of the 340,000 people who voted for Rob Ford would have voted for him if all this was known during the during the 2010 election?…my bet would be he would not have been elected if people had known of his sorry and miserable lifestyle and criminal associations. If he runs again in 2014 he will go to a humiliating defeat.

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Mayor Ford’s Angry Rant

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Rob Ford Should Go To Rehab and Resign

rob-ford-protestRob Ford must go. For his own good, for the city’s good.

Even if he does go to rehab the Mayor must never return to City Hall…that’s it. It is over for the Mayor Rob Ford era.

He is the the head of a public entity The City of Toronto. We cannot let this individual drag down and destroy our City. If he wants to be a dope addict and hang around with thugs let him do so in his private life.

Once he won the mayoralty, which in my opinion was the lowest point in Toronto history, the Mayor had a duty to uphold the office to which he swore a oath.

The Mayor is partially correct when he says he was elected to do a job and he will complete the job…the other half of the equation is he is not doing the job. He has an abysmal attendance record. His daily agenda is so private no one knows what he is up to from hour to hour…the Toronto Star has filed a story which indicates the Mayor often was meeting with Alessandro Lisi, a man with a violent past and recently charged with drug trafficking…it appears the Mayor did so when he should have been at work. He did this while he was on the public pay roll. This is a firing offense…the fact the city is powerless to fire Rob Ford when any well run private firm would have fired such a wayward employee long ago, is truly appalling. Apparently over 700 phone calls were exchanged between Rob Ford and Alessandro Lisi from April 2013 to September 2013.

If Rob Ford wants to drag down and destroy his own private company Deco Labels that is his right. But since he has miserably failed to do the job he was elected to do as a public official he should step down immediately and for the love of Pete get help…last night on the National even his mother and wife begged him on national TV to get help.

I hope Mayor Ford listens and gets the help he needs.

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Ford Saga No Longer A Laughing Matter: Mayor Robert Ford May Have Underlying Mental Health Issues – Drinking & Drugs Self-Medication

Stunning second video shows unhinged Mayor Ford threatening to kill unidentified person.

Stunning second video shows unhinged Mayor Ford threatening to kill unidentified person.
I have been poking fun at Mayor Robert Ford…I have called him names and poked fun at his fatness…challenged his political philosophy; but this new video has established a new concern for me.

The ranting in this video shows that Rob Ford has issues. I urge Rob Ford to get help not only for his drinking but any underlying mental health issues…his drinking and crack smoking may be an attempt at self medication.

Where this will end for Mayor Ford? It does not bode well that one of the Mayor’s best friends is Alessandro Lisi who now charged with drug dealing and with extortion. Lisi is a man with a violent past and a person whom Mayor Ford has communicated with over 700 times by phone according to an article in today’s Toronto Star (Nov.7, 2013). Ford also has met clandestinely in the middle of the dark night dozens of occasions to drink vodka and to exchange envelopes for packets made of clear plastic according to the Toronto Star story.

Alessandro Lisi certainly has the capability of causing physical harm to a person as his rap sheet would indicate. The Mayor’s ranting threats in this latest video to go out and murder someone I hope were only the rants of a mentally ill man self medicated into a drunken or coke fueled rant…no not alcohol…must be coke…Ford was to coherent..too energized to be drunk…words were not slurred. These death utterances by Rob Ford are disturbing.

The Mayor can help himself by going to rehab.

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Rob Ford Is Not A CONSERVATIVE…He is a Libertine!

Right wing wing nuts like Rush Limbaugh and His Fordship Rob Ford like to pontificate about how morally superior they are..they put down and humiliate people like me who have strong social democratic values and don’t mind using my tax money to help the underprivileged, the needy or those with illness or dependency issues (nudge nudge wink wink that includes you Rob!).

These bloated ego maniacs like Ford and Limbaugh, reduced government spending, no spending on social programs…small government only for the essentials like war and defense spending – bigger jails for largely minority offenders.

But Rob Ford and other so called conservatives, they are not really conservatives — but libertines, cannot hide any longer. The stripping bare of Rob Ford’s tendency to exist in a drunken stupor removes all philosophical justification for what Ford is trying to sell to the world. This public disrobing of Ford is refreshing because it shows what the ultimate conclusion of such a Libertarian ultra conservative philosophy leads to…denial of help in our society to those who are in need. while they party hardy often on the public dime

And guess who is the greatest advocate of helping the poor? And whose teachings these ConservativeRobRush reject and rant against?

NO not Karl Marx…though the right wing nuts always raise the specter of MARXISM… is a man who is supposed to be the bedrock of all ultra Conservative Values..JESUS CHRIST…Jesus Christ who set the example when he fed the poor with fish and loaves of bread.

I went to Catholic School for eight years…so I know my Christian Values….and people like Rob Ford are not into Christ…they are more into the philosophy of that GREAT Satanist Alastair Crowley whose philosophy of “Do What thou whilst” really about sums up his Fordship’s Attitude to Life..he certainly is doing what he whilst despite humiliating himself, his family, his city, his mother and his late Father Doug Ford Senior….so Rob Ford that hypocrite is prone to drunken stupors….any of Ford’s employees who were prone to drunken stupors at Deco Labels would not doubt be fired. That is the way the private sector works these days. Many firms have their employees pee into a cup once or twice a week in random drug testing. I think all future politicians paid by the public purse should also be subjected to random drug testing. And if they are prone to drunken stupors, like Rob Ford with the addition of crack and cocaine and who knows what else then they should be fired.

That is what Rob and Doug Ford would do to any of their employees why should they be treated any different. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Or is Rob Ford a 21st Century Marie Antoinette – Let them smoke crack in a drunken stupor!”

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Mayor Ford’s Job Is to be an Ambassador for Toronto, Represent Toronto and Bring the Best Face of Toronto Forward to the World

Let's help convince Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto to resign as Mayor and seek help at rehab before it is too late....

Let’s help convince Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto to resign as Mayor and seek help at rehab before it is too late….

Well bully boy, Mayor Rob Ford after months of lying…what is it with Conservatives and lying??…it is almost a requirement to be a liar in order to be a Conservative; anyway Rob Ford finally has admitted what everyone who has any sense of the man’s history knew was the case right from the start. Mayor Ford is a troubled man, a bully, but like most bullies, his behaviour is deeply rooted in his dysfunctional life.

But there is a chance for Mayor Ford to save himself and to blaze a trail for other substance abusers to follow…if he does the right thing and resigns to seek treatment Rob Ford will have performed his best feat while in public service. His actions will tell all other deniers that it is OK to get treatment.

What is it about Rob Ford? Well, he is a spoiled brat, son of privilege who grew up and became an unrelenting bully who has favoured cutting spending to programs designed to assist the poor and the needy. It is so easy for a wealthy man to advocate small government and deep spending cuts. It is easy for Mayor Ford with his hundreds of millions that he inherited from his father’s fortune can live with small government. Many of us do not have the luck of being born into such a wealthy family. We look to our services to help us

His daddy the late Doug Ford Snr. built up an empire in the fashion label industry called Deco Label which is worth about $100 million dollars a year in sales. . Neither Rob or his equally ne’er do well older brother Doug Ford Jr. have actually done anything worthwhile in their lives that doesn’t involve Deco Labels.

It seems that the two Ford brothers spent their high school years hanging out with drug dealers and thugs like Lino Basso and Alessandro Lisi who are still possibly still supply the Mayor with drugs and or other nefarious services. Lisi has recently been charged with extortion as he tried to recover the tape that Ford said didn’t exist.

Ford wanted to be a professional football player but failed despite his daddy expending thousands, tens of thousands to send Robbie to a special training camp with the Washington Redskin. Actually love of NFL football is something the Mayor and I have in common. I too love football and played football for the Oakwood Collegiate Barons in the early 1970s. Ford went to Carelton University but he never finished his undergraduate degree.

He pleaded guilty to driving under the influence in Florida in 1999.In 2006 while he was a Councillor, he was drunk and disorderly at a Toronto Maple Leaf game and in a familiar pattern of lies and deceptions strenuously lied and denied he was even at the game. He attacked the Toronto Star for picking on him. But later in the week he fessed up…the media reports were right. Yes it was he and he apologized for his behaviour. After he was elected Mayor his behaviour changed for the worst…more and more reports of drunken excesses at the Garrison reception at Fort York; while strolling down Greektown during Taste of the Danforth and then infamous video of him smoking crack. Perhaps it is the unbearable pressure of being Mayor of Toronto. But Rob Ford has deteriorated and been embolden in his substance abuse. I believe Mayor can no longer effectively be the Mayor of Toronto. From my days studying municipal politics at York University I know that Toronto has a weak mayor system. That means the Mayor has only one vote and his leadership is based on his ability to work with council and lead by persuasion. The position is also largely ceremonial. The Mayor is the face and soul of Toronto. His prestige and reputation are vital for him or her to lead trade delegations, receive distinguished guests to Toronto and speak on behalf of the city at various national and international forums. Mayor Ford may be partially right that he was elected to do a job…cut government. In this he is a “one trick pony” that is his only schtick…but it is not his only duty as Mayor. If Rob Ford was to be given a job appraisal he would be found unfit to continue as Mayor. Ford cannot fulfill his role as Mayor as described above.

Help Mayor Rob Ford leave the office of Mayor with dignity, before the police come in the middle of the day and arrest him from breaking the Criminal Code of Canada….Please go to this site and urge Mayor Ford to resign and get help…

Here is what I said to Mayor Rob Ford in my email to the Mayor’s Office.

Hey Mayor Ford…. Check out this video by the Eagles who are playing in Toronto…I hope they play Lyin’ Eyes…because Mayor Ford you definitely have Lyin’ the right thing sir…resign get help take care of your own a company worth $100 Million dollars…you don’t need politics and we certainly don’t need your sullied the right thing leave go to rehab and maybe come back and run for MPP in Etobicrack Centre… I lived in Toronto for 52 years the last 10 at Tiffany Place on the corner of Wincott and Dixon. I was on the board of director of our condo board….we dealt with the crud of drug dealers in the four sisters across the street at 320, 340, 360 and 380 Dixon…I had no idea your pals were among the drug dealers who caused so much mayhem in my old Neigbourhood..who knew? and the dry cleaner at the Wincott Plaza?? I never would have guessed he was dealing dope too….so I do not have much respect for you as a politician and drug abuser/alcohol abuser..but as a human being I am ready to support and embrace your effort to do the right thing and resign and get treatment… you likely will be charged with a criminal offense because smoking crack cocaine is a violation of our Criminal Code. The police investigation may also uncover other crimes you may have committed during those envelope exchanges with Alessandro you want to be in office when that hammer comes down?…hey listen resign…come up north to Timmins…the air is good up here…there is a lot of natural beauty and some good rehab centres like Jubilee Centre and others…if you are interested here is an overview of the services the Jubilee Centre provides.

“Jubilee Centre Timmins, Ontario

Welcome to the website of the Jubilee Centre in Timmins, Ontario where we motivate optimal lifestyles. Our substance abuse & concurrent disorders treatment centre offers many programs and services with a strong focus on concurrent disorders.

The residential program is a 23 day long and is offered to clients sixteen years and older who are experiencing problems with substance use and/or concurrent disorders.

The day treatment is a community program which is approximately 16 days in length, spread over a 23 day period. This program is offered to clients sixteen years of age and over who are experiencing problems with substance use and/or concurrent disorders.

The maintenance program is held once a week for ten weeks. The program is open ended therefore clients can enter at any time. The program is offered to clients sixteen years of age and over who have completed a residential, day or any community treatment program.

The safe bed program is a short-term residential crisis support service which includes crisis support, case management, supportive housing and court support. This service is offerered to clients sixteen years and older who are developing unstable addictions, concurrent disorders, mental health symptoms (ie: relapse/crisis episode) who may also have come into conflict with the law.”

Mayor Ford I wish you would do the right thing…you can be a role model for many people out there who are struggling with similar substance abuse issues…you can get involved and be a proud leader of recovery and rehabilitation.

I will stand by you….and so will the community.

But if you keep on clinging to that disgraced mayor of San Diego you will humiliated unmercifully in public, on TV, on the web and in private discourse…thing of what all this is doing to your family…resign. Do the right thing.

Do the right..get help call the Jubilee Centre or some other rehab facility be a leader make a difference…

My prayers are with you Mayor Ford. May you go to rehab. Please, please do not follow the sad tragic path of the late Amy Winehouse who sang that she would never go to rehab….please Mayor Ford go to Rehab and make your family and Toronto proud of you.

Frank Giorno
formerly of Tiffany Place,11 Wincott Dr. #204 Etobicoke,Image Ontario
presently 18 Grant St. Timmins P0N 1G0

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Let’s end this operatic farce known as Senategate…the Fat Sentaor has sung! By Frank Giorno

It is absolutely clear to any Canadian who has followed the Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Patrick Brazeau Senategate opera — a tragedy, a Comedy, a farce of Rossinian heights. Figaro…hey Figaro… that the Prime Minister of Canada is a liar of Lance Armstrongian proportions.

Harper still lies about his innocence the way Lance Armstrong lied for a decade about not taking performance enhancing drugs. Come, come Harper… (You don’t deserve the title Prime Minister because you are not Prime and you certainly aren’t acting like a Minister)…where are you going with this meandering bunny hop of lies

In the end Harper you are only going to eat a larger dose of humble pie. Let’s get to the point and end this opera now. The fat Senator has sung…Mike Duffy has challenged your veracity; Nigel Wright has acknowledged there were more people involved including your legal advisor from Cassels Brock, Arthur Hamilton. At first, The Prime Mister said no one was involved except Nigel Wright it was all the evil Nigel’s fault he was the lone payout arranger. But now it seems as many as 13 people were involved. Nigel Wright said he only received legal opinions from his lawyer Benjamin Perrin, but Perrin denies he ever gave Wright any advice. (Note: Reports have surfaced that in fact Nigel Wright may actually have hired his immediate predecessor as PM’s chief of staff Guy Giorno (on an operatic scale those Tories are incestuous if anything!) as his lawyer as reported by the Huffington Post on June 3, 2013.)

A memo from Duffy’s files shows a response about the deal that was concocted by Harper – through Nigel Wright – and it shows the legal memo came from Blake Cassel’s where Arthur Hamilton works. So let the shameful Sabre Dance continue and watch as the oh so morally righteous Neo Cons continue shredding themselves to bloody bits.

To quote the last line of that great opera I Pagliacci — La Comedia et finita! The comedy has ended. Well not really not until Harper comes clean and brings this comedy to an end. Hey Harper, you have this entire mess in your hands. Please make a Canada a priority and ‘fess up and end this comedy. Stop acting like Lance Armstrong and remember in the end even Lance Armstrong ‘fessed up. Go on Oprah if you need to or sit in the big red chair of George Strombolopolous on CBC TV if you want to keep it in Canada. The end will arrive for you might as well take us there earlier than later.

More and more it seems that one important piece of legislation that the next Prime Minister of Canada needs to introduce is recall legislation…it is embarrassing that this fool named Harper continues to lie like Lance Armstrong and continue to run our country into the ground…it is easier for 7 Tour De France medals to be stripped from a liar like Lance Armstrong than it is to rid Canada of this embarrassment of a Prime Minister who is engaged in Lance Armstrongian deception.

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The NHL’s New Pro Fighting Policy

Why has the NHL all of a sudden decided to permit more fighting?

To see some of the more outrageous fighting photos please go to


The argument that fighting is a safety valve that prevents more dangerous violence on the ice is ridiculous. Hockey fights are a marketing strategy to attract marginal fans to purchase tickets...the very survival of marginal NHL teams depends on attracting fight fans to games

The argument that fighting is a safety valve that prevents more dangerous violence on the ice is ridiculous. Hockey fights are a marketing strategy to attract marginal fans to purchase tickets…the very survival of marginal NHL teams depends on attracting fight fans to games

Hockey fight 1

Hockey fight 2

Hockey fight 3

In my opinion…It can only be explained by understanding that the NHL has decided to turn itself into a three ring circus. For the genuine hockey fan there is hockey…a great game played at fast pace; for the marginal fan who does not like hockey, can’t follow the puck, doesn’t understand the strategies – the predominantly American NHL owners have decided to vigorously allow more fighting, to win over these marginal fans who go to an NHL game not because they like hockey but because a major brawl or several major brawls break out.

The other factor is that even in Canada there are a large number, very large number of marginal hockey players…these are guys who can barely skate, barely hold a hockey stick, let along pass or shoot the puck who are dependent on fighting to gain entry into the NHL and earn up to $1 million per year.

Sports stations in Canada like TSN and Sportsnet have flooded their hockey shows with ex-NHL goons like Tony Twist, Marty McSorley, Brad May, Aaron Ward, Nick Kyreos so that they relentlessly repeat the mantra that hockey is an integral part of hockey. Their argument for fighting in the NHL is based on their belief for their is no real factual data to support their position…that without fighting as a release valve you would have greater violence such as stick swinging.

By comparison the National Football League which is in many ways by its very nature more violent a sport than hockey has banned fighting from its sport and I have not seen more dangerous incidents occur in an National Football League game.

So to the NHL goon’s argument for allowing hockey fights I say ha….let’s apply that argument to our everyday life…using the NHL’s pro fighting argument that it is a safety valve perhaps we should change our criminal laws to allow unrestricted fighting everywhere in our lives, at home, at school in our workplace, in our churches, in our stores, on our buses….because fighting is a safety valve that would prevent worst crimes on our streets…do you see How the NHL pro-fighting gang is not only illogical, but their position is utterly indefensible, not to mention ridiculous.

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Storm Brewing Over Lake Erie

Storm Brewing Over Lake Erie

Here is a dramatic photo taken a few years ago over Lake Erie, where storms can whip up in a hurry. This photo was taken using a Cannon Digital camera.

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Kitchen bocce craze…all you need is a little imagination

Here is something else you can you can do for fun in your kitchen. All you need is a bunch of grapefruit and a tiny clementine….play kitchen bocce! Yes you don’t how much fun it can be until you and a friend take out the grapefruit and unwind with a relaxing game of kitchen bocce.
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